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Nature’s miracles- Vitamin C

Individual nutrients deserve discussion in their own right and will be addressed in due course. Today, a few words about Vitamin C… Vitamin C  is one of the most powerful and widespread ANTIOXIDANT  in our body. It mops up free radicals (bad) that are produced (from any type of stress, poor diet, environmental toxins etc) and […]

 “The usual US diet provides an insufficient amount of vitamins, supplementation is inexpensive and the scientific evidence shows that supplementing with certain vitamins prevents chronic disease, specifically cardiovascular disease, various types of cancer and osteoporosis” – JAMA  June 2002 Chronic Heart Disease, Diabetes, Cancer and Obesity are Pandemics in the World today. The unfortunate fact […]

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RUNNING – The Benefits

Running – Yes, yes, you either love it or hate it! And we all know about how much we should be exercising, right?! I thought I’d summarise the benefits of running.   Of course, many of these would apply to other sport & exercises too. And as with any sport, there is potential for injury but if […]


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It is regrettable that many people will leave this life with unfulfilled wishes and dreams. Their potential not being fulfilled. Burning desires left caged inside. Discontent. Regret. What would you do differently if this was your last day? OK, let’s be less pessimistic! –  Say, six months or a year? No doubt, that we would […]

Epicurus on happiness

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The subject of happiness has been studied by Philosophers all around the World and continues today to be one of the most written-about and discussed subjects with a plethora of books and courses.  One statistic quotes of happiness that 50% is genetic (our internal set-point), 10% is life circumstances  and 40% is day to day activities. […]

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Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today, I am wise, so I am changing myself Rumi

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