Slow Butterfly
How healing your thyroid transforms everything

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Do you have an underactive thyroid?

“I’m tired. I’m losing my hair. I can’t lose weight. I have bad moods and feel like crap. They said the blood work is all fine. It’s probably just stress.”

Hashimoto’s thyroiditis is the most common cause of hypothyroidism—underactive thyroid—and the most common autoimmune disease in the world. Unfortunately, it’s often not diagnosed properly, and when it is, monitoring or medication are the only options offered.

As a result, many people suffer for months or even years without a diagnosis, and those on medication may still feel unwell, unable to live their best life.

But this doesn’t have to be the case. If you have an underactive thyroid, there is much you can do yourself to improve your symptoms and live more optimally.

Your life should be more than just a matter of surviving day to day. Empower yourself so you can start to improve—today—wherever you are on your healing journey…

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slow butterfly ebook cover

“I will be recommending this book to all my hypothyroid patients! Dr. Amy has taken the evidence, along with her extensive experience, and written a holistic, practical guide to improving the health and well-being of anyone experiencing symptoms of hypothyroidism/Hashimoto’s.”

Dr. Natasha H Patel, FRCP, consultant in endocrinology and diabetes, London

“An excellent, easy to read and practical guide for patients written by a highly respected and sought after integrative GP. Dr Amy clearly emphasises the importance of lifestyle medicine as well as complementary therapies for thyroid health. Highly recommend to anyone with hypothyroidism/Hashimoto’s thyroiditis who wishes to improve their health and live optimally.”

Professor Garry Egger, director, Centre for Health Promotion and Research, Vice President, Australasian Society for Lifestyle Medicine (ASLM), Adjunct Professor, Health Sciences, Southern Cross University

“This is a great resource for people with hypothyroidism using evidence-based lifestyle, nutritional, and complementary medicine. Clear, practical, and actionable strategies for the everyday person. Dr. Amy is a wonderful practitioner who is getting the awareness out there globally that hypothyroidism can be healed using an evidence-based lifestyle, nutritional, environmental, and complementary medicine approach. Everyone who is affected needs to read this book.”

Dr. Rupy Aujla, MBBS, BSc, MRCGP, Founder of The Doctor’s Kitchen

“This book is a must-have for anyone who is experiencing hypothyroidism symptoms and is looking for a holistic, functional medicine-based approach. Dr. Amy has a wealth of experience in diagnosing and treating hypothyroidism and Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, and her trusted, practical, and evidence-based advice is second to none. A holistic, no-nonsense, easy-to-follow guide that I highly recommend to everyone needing help or wanting to understand more about this condition.”

Fiona Tuck, nutritionist and Founder of

“This book is a must have for anyone suffering from Hashimoto’s thyroiditis or hypothyroidism. Dr Amy outlines everything you need to address to help look into root causes and heal yourself , improve your thyroid function and get yourself back into remission. She clearly explains why treating these conditions is more than just about giving thyroxine – the only path in mainstream medicine. Dr Amy clearly provides great, evidence based strategies that will help someone who has an underactive thyroid.”

Dr Shamistra Barathan, MBBS, FRACGP, FACNEM, Integrative GP

“A great practical, easy, and interesting read on a common medical issue. Dr. Amy covers all pillars of health when it comes to managing Hashimoto’s, not just drug therapy. A refreshing read! Thanks, Amy.”

Dr. Natasha Andreadis, MBBS, MMed, FRANZCOG, CREI, gynaecologist and fertility specialist


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    slow butterfly ebook cover
    Slow Butterfly
    "How healing your thyroid
    transforms everything"

    Available from online stores including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple, Waterstones, Booktopia, Book depository, Goodreads, Angus and Robertson. Bookshops including Berkelouw, Sydney.


    available on amazon