When I first met Amy (Ameeta) for the life coaching I had no idea what to expect but what I experienced was incredible. We met every fortnight for a few months and the changes I felt and the things I discovered about myself was hard to believe. She was able to zone in on things that had been long forgotten but on those which had a significant impact on my life and my attitude. She was able to encourage and motivate me to believe in the changes I wanted to make. She had a friendly approach, positive attitude and an amazing effect on my outlook. I would definitely recommend this experience to people and have already referred friends to Amy.


I first met with Dr Amy Gajjar at the beginning of 2013 after she was referred to me through a colleague. I met with her initially as I believed there were a few areas of my life which needed addressing and as I also wanted to find out ways to better myself. 6 months on and after fortnightly sessions with Amy, I can honestly say I have changed for the better. Through her guidance and direction I am succeeding in my professional and private life. Professionally I am reaching my targets in a very competitive market and doing very well in my current role. In my private life she has encouraged me to pursue my passions of travel, Muay Thai kickboxing and music. I will be travelling to Europe next month (a trip I thought would never take place), I will also be competing in a Muay Thai kick boxing fight before the year is over and will be performing with friends singing and playing the guitar. Get in touch with Amy and become the best possible person you can be, you owe it to yourself.


With Dr Gajjar’s coaching in nutrition and exercise I have achieved the best results in weight loss and fitness in a short space of time. She has transformed the way I think about nutrition and exercise. I no longer call it dieting but healthy eating. Water, fruits,vegetables and nuts have become an important part of my daily intake and knowing the nutritional value of these food groups has really helped in making them part of my diet. With the change in my mindset developed with Dr Gajjar’s coaching I have been able to get back on the bandwagon much easier after any relapses in my nutrition and exercise regime. I have also been able to impart a lot of the teachings I learnt to my own patients and subsequently improve their physical and mental wellbeing. The results I have obtained from Dr Gajjar’s programme has given me a great sense of physical and mental achievement and fulfilment.


I had sessions in 2012 and it is not an exaggeration to say that it changed my life!
Each session was inspirational and motivating. I learnt how my thoughts and words affected my behaviours and thus my life. Techniques Amy taught me through sessions were easy to apply yet very powerful! Since then some of my dreams have come true, but more than anything else I am grateful for her sessions as they really helped me gain confidence and always stay positive.



Amy and Nardia are a pair of dynamic, passionate and intelligent women , successful at what they do and able to communicate to a diverse audience a wholistic approach to health and fitness. Their recent talk on Women’s health was able to demystify the complex interplay between hormones, weight gain and fatigue as well as inspiring their audience to embrace life and live it in the most healthful way possible. Both Nardia and Dr Amy are fabulous examples of strong, fit, successful and capable women who are specialists in their field and can lead women forward to reach their fullest potential.


I loved your and Nardia’s seminar, I was absolutely captivated throughout the whole four hours, scribbling notes away like a mad woman. The focus on issues specific to women’s health and fitness was refreshing and most appreciated. Best of all, however, was walking away feeling empowered. I’m really looking forward to learning more about the 2 day intensive seminar you are working on.


Finally an integrated, holistic, and women specific approach to overall health and effective long-term fat loss. Nardia and Dr Amy deliver an insightful, engaging, and scientifically based workshop debunking out-dated fat loss myths, highlighting the keys to good health/well-being, and explaining the scientific truths of why you’re really not seeing the results you want in language anyone can understand. No quick fixes here, just a straight forward and fact-based insight into how to achieve great health, sustainable fat loss and ‘find your mojo.


Amy and Nardia, thank you for an informative and empowering four hours on women’s health. This workshops wholistic approach along with strategies presented was so refreshing and encouraging. It was admirable to see both Dr Amy and Nardia present so much information in a manner the audience all understood and leaving us wanting more. Thank you for re-informing and re-educating women in a society of information overload. Looking forward to the next workshop in February


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