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The general concept involves looking for potential underlying causes for the symptoms or condition ( e.g genetic, environmental factors, nutritional deficiencies, stress, emotional factors) – as opposed to merely giving a medication to treat the symptom without due consideration of why it occurred initially. There is consideration into underlying biochemistry, physiology, genetics, lifestyle and environmental factors.

Integrative Medicine combines conventional western medicine (as taught in medical schools) with evidence-based complementary medicine and therapies. It involves a wholistic approach, encompassing all aspects of health – including physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Practically, integrative doctors may have their own interests which informs their practice. e.g. nutritional medicine, traditional chinese medicine, acupuncture.

Alternative medicine is a term sometimes given for anything that differs from conventional, western medicine, as most people know it- i.e it is alternative to the common approach.  For example, Chinese or Ayurvedic medicine would be considered alternative but in fact are highly researched and practiced medicinal systems with much evidence to support, not to mention thousands of years of use!

The difference in terms also relates to the name of the institution. For example, in the U.S, the Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM) is one of the main bodies training Doctors and other health professionals.  In Australia, ACNEM (Australasian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine) is the main organization that arranges education and training for practitioners. The methods and emphasis on teachings differ, but generally involves identifying and balancing the underlying root causes of illness.  We have to see what’s causing the fire and address that – not just blow out the smoke!

Wellshare, Surry Hills – Yes, medicare rebates are available if you are eligible. After a face to face appointment, medicare rebates are also available for telehealth video calls for 12 months.

Note – Doctors practising Integrative Medicine are fully qualified medical doctors,  who have then undergone varying amounts of additional training in this field. Functional Medicine can be considered as a specialty in it’s own right. It takes years of further post-graduate self-directed and self-financed learning (through, courses, conferences and post-graduate examinations) to learn and keep up-to-date with this growing field. The exact training done will vary amongst practitioners depending on their own interests. Hence, although medicare rebates are available, there is NO bulk-billing.

Yes. This is not a replacement for your local GP; it is an additional specialised service that can help to complement your care with your GP and other health practitioners.

You are advised to have a local GP that you can see at short notice and for standard general practice issues – e.g. acute illness, PAP smears, contraception, standard post-operative care /wound checks.

Options – 

Please book online using the “book appointment” tab on this website.

Following this, you will have access to the patient portal /mobile app from where all bookings can be made/rescheduled/cancelled.


Face to face appointments Wednesdays only.

Telehealth appointments – other days

Yes, this is open for both new patients and for follow-up of any existing patient.

If you are a new patient, there will be no medicare rebate. This will apply once you have visited in person and then available for 12 months afterwards.

If you are an existing patient and have been seen face to face at the Surry Hills clinic, you are eligible for medicare rebate for 12 months from the time of the clinic visit.

When the appointment details are sent by email, click on  “join session” ; this is all within the software we use. If there are any internet issues, then we will call on your mobile phone or landline.

Phone appointment- Dr Amy will call you; it will show as “no caller id”.

Please note – Dr Amy usually runs on time with her appointments – however, can occasionally run late. Please allow up to 15 minutes extra in case she is running late and take this into account in your personal/work schedule. 

If you wish to share any documents (e.g. results, letters) , please upload this into the patient portal – do not send by email.
We will go through your history thoroughly,  examine as appropriate and discuss management (e.g. further investigations that need to be done, lifestyle changes, treatment options).

You do not need to bring anything to the appointment.

If you have any relevant documents that you would like to share  – e.g. results, letters – please upload onto the patient portal. 

Optional – feel free to bring a notepad/pen or device so you can take notes during the consult if you wish.  Recordings are not permitted.

Following each consult, you will be advised when to make the next follow-up appointment. Generally, these will be for 30 mins duration. If a longer or shorter time is required, you will be advised accordingly.
Most blood tests requested will be on medicare.

Some tests advised may be private – this will be discussed with you and whether you wish to proceed.

e.g RT3, urine iodine – are private tests and the lab will bill you directly.

There are also medicare regulations on which and how often doctors can test certain items. e.g. Vitamin D can be tested once in a year subject to specific criteria; but if it is required again, it is not covered under medicare but can be requested privately.

If other health practitioners have advised you to have certain tests, it is under the discretion of the Dr to decide whether this is warranted to be done under Medicare. If not, they can be requested privately. Ultimately, the Doctor requesting the test is medico legally responsible – a doctor cannot request tests merely based on patient or other practitioner suggestions.

There are many types of functional tests. Relevant tests will be discussed and it is up to you if you wish to pursue these. Costs vary depending on the exact type of test and laboratory.

Some examples of  functional tests and their approximate costs (direct payment to laboratory):

Gut microbiome – $400-550

DUTCH hormone test -$400

Adrenal profile – $300

SIBO tests- $200 – $470

Organic acids test – $400

Heavy metals – $150

DNA testing – $400

Yes. If you are already seeing other practitioners such as  nutritionists, naturopaths, chinese medicine practitioners or chiropractors, continue with them. Likewise, if it is felt that you will benefit from seeing other specific practitioners, this will be recommended.

In practice, a collaborative approach is optimal and we find that results are better when working as part of a “team”. For example, diet guidelines will be given as appropriate,  but many patients find it beneficial to see a nutritionist/naturopath for a whole hour, to discuss diet/recipes in more detail,  as well as have ongoing support.

The request form option is for existing patients only and can be used between consultations, when an actual consultation is not required.

It can be used for simple requests such as medication requests and referral letters as well as private forms and email advice.

It is designed to be both time and cost efficient – as you do not need to wait or book in for a consult and the request can usually be fulfilled within 24h (although please allow up to 3 days during busier periods) and also will not be lost amidst several emails.

If for any reason your request cannot be fulfilled, the fees (minus transaction fee) will be returned.

There are two main reasons why the link may not be working –

  1. Technical issue
  2. Dr Gajjar is on leave – and the link has temporarily been deactivated.

For further assistance, email at admin@dramygajjar.com.  If Dr Gajjar is on leave,  the request can be fulfilled upon return or you can see your local GP.

Yes. We see all patients regardless of their diet and do not discriminate based on your food choices.

However, as a lifelong vegetarian, Dr Gajjar can support people who wish to continue or pursue a plant based diet, whether this be due to health, ethical, animal welfare or environmental reasons.

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