Weight Management

Do you feel that despite doing everything, you’re still not getting the results you’d expect?

There are many factors beyond diet and exercise that influence weight which can be investigated further including toxins, hormonal imbalances, gut microbiome, genetic predisposition and other lifestyle factors. Stress is known to affect weight due to the complex interplay of hormones like insulin, cortisol and adrenaline. Adequate sleep is necessary for overall health including our ability to detoxify properly and repair and regenerate. Gut microbiome profiles have been shown to be different in obese compared to normal weight individuals. Everyday chemicals such as plastics and especially those used in the cosmetic industry have also been shown to be endocrine disruptors.

Hypothyroidism is also very common and unfortunately not always diagnosed because the right testing isn’t done nor interpreted correctly. The standard test (TSH) used worldwide to detect thyroid problems is unfortunately insufficient to diagnose thyroid problems. It can take several years of having hypothyroid symptoms before the TSH even changes. Hence many patients suffer needlessly for months and years and many, although not all may experience weight problems.

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