“The most beautiful make-up of a woman is PASSION”….

Nardia and Amy-WH workshop

THANK YOU to all those who attended an awesome, enjoyable and informative (if I may so myself!!) Saturday morning in Kirribilli with Nardia Norman and myself.  We had a lovely group of women, from Gen Y to more mature elders whose sense of humour was certainly a highlight-bless! We look forward to our next workshop in February  and later,  a weekend workshop.


It is difficult to summarise a few hours worth of detailed  information around gut, hormones and exercise – but for now, just ten  general take home messages.


  1. Gut health and hormonal balance are VITAL – focus on this and having a proper balanced diet with sufficient calories from quality food and the RIGHT exercise program.
  2. The gut, liver, thyroid, adrenal, pancreas and ovaries together with emotional and environmental factors are intricately linked- it’s all about balance!
  3. There are NO quick fixes in weight loss and wellness. Do not get trapped with crap, fad marketing weight loss and detox programs. Of course there will be weight loss on a low calorie juice fast/diet- its not rocket science! Lifestyle and balance are the key words.
  4. Seek out the right information- never get pushed into anything by anyone- even health professionals.
  5. Listen to yourself- trust your intuition.
  6. “Normal results” may not necessarily be normal- it depends who interprets them! Don’t take “no” for an answer if you feel there is still something wrong- ensure you seek out appropriate health professionals- e.g functional medicine doctors, naturopaths. Further tests (inc. functional tests) may need to be done to see what’s going on. (And don’t underestimate naturopaths- some good ones often know a heck of a lot more than some conventional and narrow-minded Doctor’s out there- sorry- no apologies for being blunt or causing offense!).
  7. Take control of your life- you are the Captain of your ship!
  8. Look after your gut and it will look after you!
  9. Sleep is Medicine! Ensure you get adequate sleep- it is healing and restorative and should not be underestimated.
  10. The impact of environmental toxins on weight and wellness is mind blowing– great to impart this on women where they can start to address this to reduce their risks of conditions like breast cancer that affects 1 in 8 women.



Here are just a few testimonials:

“Amy and Nardia are a pair of dynamic, passionate and  intelligent women , successful at what they do and able to communicate to a diverse audience a wholistic approach to health and fitness. Their recent talk on Women’s health was able to demystify the complex interplay between hormones, weight gain and fatigue as well as inspiring their audience to embrace life and live it in the most healthful way possible. Both Nardia and Dr Amy  are fabulous  examples of strong, fit, successful and capable women who are specialists in their field and can lead women forward to reach their fullest potential.”  Rebekah


“I loved your and Nardia’s seminar, I was absolutely captivated throughout the whole four hours, scribbling notes away like a mad woman.    The focus on issues specific to women’s health and fitness was refreshing and most appreciated.  Best of all, however, was walking away feeling empowered.  I’m really looking forward to learning more about the 2 day intensive seminar you are working on.” Gabrielle


“Finally an integrated, holistic, and women specific approach to overall health and effective long-term fat loss.   Nardia and Dr Amy deliver an insightful, engaging, and scientifically based workshop debunking out-dated fat loss myths, highlighting the keys to good health/well-being, and explaining the scientific truths of why you’re really not seeing the results you want in language anyone can understand.  No quick fixes here, just a straight forward and fact-based insight into how to achieve great health, sustainable fat loss and ‘find your mojo”.  Andrea


“Amy and Nardia, thank you for an informative and empowering four hours on women’s health.   This workshops wholistic approach along with strategies presented was so refreshing and encouraging.  It was admirable to see both Dr Amy and Nardia present so much information in a manner the audience all understood and leaving us wanting more.  Thank you for re-informing and re-educating women in a society of information overload.  Looking forward to the next workshop in February”.   Silvia


And I’ll end with my all time  favourite quote –  “Be the change you wish to see in the world” – Gandhi