Supercharge your Gut Summit

gut-summit-picJoin us for a  FREE ONLINE  “Supercharge Your Gut Summit” kicking off on 12th October 2016 over 5 inspiring days.
I’ll be joining Lee Holmes, Andrea Alf and 30+ top GUT experts from all around the world. It’s online so you can listen in wherever you are!
Listening to this amazing summit you will learn
● The 30+ expert’s top tips on how to Supercharge Your Gut
● How the brain and the gut connect
● The importance of a healthy microbiome
● How your diet, intestinal health and gut bacteria can help you burn fat
● How Ayurveda can help you with a happy and healthy gut
● The gut and the immune system connection
● Advanced strategies for building a healthy gut flora
● What kinds of food and herbals to introduce for a healthy gut
● All about different diets and discover what works for you
You can click here to register and to find out more details about the online event –
Follow the link and check out the speakers. It’s an amazing way to get up-to-date information how to heal and maintain the health of your gut.  Please also share with anyone who may benefit from information on gut health- it affects us all.
Thanks and hope you enjoy the summit…