Reading Recommendations

Personal development and Spiritual

You Can If You Think You Can- Norman Vincent Peale
The Power Of Positive Thinking- Norman Vincent Peale
Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway- Susan Jeffers
The Saint, The Surfer And The CEO- Robin Sharma
The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari- Robin Sharma
Man’s Search For Meaning- Victor Frankl
The Four Agreements- Miguel Ruiz
The Power Of Now- Eckhart Tolle
The Greatness Guide- Robin Sharma
The Road Less Travelled- M. Scott Peck
The Seven Spiritual Laws Of Success- Deepak Chopra
The Third Jesus- Deepak Chopra
Faith In The Valley- Iyanla Vanzant
The Secret -Rhonda Byrne
The Secret Language Of Your Body- Inna Segal
Of The Imitation of Christ- Thomas A Kempis
The Art of Happiness- Dalai Lama
Why Zebras Don’t Get Ulcers- Robert Sapolsky
Emotional Intelligence- Daniel Goleman
Buddha’s Brain- Dr Rick Hanson
Conversations With God- Neale Donald Walsch
Molecules of Emotion-why You Feel The Way You Do- Dr Candace Pert
Ask And It Is Given- Esther And Jerry Hicks
Biology of Belief- Dr Bruce Lipton
Ageless Body, Timeless Mind – Deepak Chopra
Breaking The Habit Of Being Yourself- Dr Joe Dispenza
Anatomy of The Spirit- Dr Caroline Myss
The Yoga of Jesus- Yogananda

Yoga And Ayurveda

Heart Of Yoga- TKV Desikachar
Meditation As Medicine- Dr Dharma Singh Khalsa
Ayurveda, The Science Of Healing- Dr Vasant Lad
Invincible Living- Guru Jagat
Autobiography Of A Yogi- Paramahansa Yogananda
In The Light Of Meditation- Mike George
Yoga Therapy and Integrative Medicine- Payne, Gold and Goldman
The Art of Balanced Living- Dr Shaun Matthews
Yoga Mind Body and Spirit- Donna Farhi
Yoga for Transformation- Gary Kraftsow
Yoga for Depression – Amy Weintraub


The Great Cholesterol Myth- Dr Bowden, Dr Sinatra
The Vitamin Cure For Diabetes- Prof Ian Brighthope
The Forensic Nutritionist- Fiona Tuck
Breast Cancer-Reduce Your Risk With Foods You Love- Dr Pendergrast
Anti-cancer- A New Way Of Life- Dr David Servan-Schreiber
ABC of Nutrition-Stewart Truswell
Passion- Organic vegan recipes to live for- Anthea Amore
The plant-based solution – Dr Joel Kahn MD
Taste for Life- Animals Australia (ABC publications)
The China Study- Dr Colin Campbell

Brain Health

The End Of Alzheimers- Dr Dale Bredesen
The Brain that changes itself- Dr Norman Doidge
The Brain’s way of healing- Dr Norman Doidge
Why isn’t my brain working- Datis Kharrazian
Grain Brain- Dr David Perlmutter

Thyroid And Adrenal

The Root Cause- Dr Izabella Wentz
Adrenal Fatigue-the 21st Century Stress Syndrome- Dr Wilson
Why Do I Still Have Thyroid Symptoms? When My Lab Tests Are Normal- Datis Kharrazian

Holistic Psychiatry

A Mind Of Your Own- Dr Kelly Brogan

Gut Health

Good Health In The 21st Century- Dr Carole Hungerford
Gut And Psychology Syndrome- Dr Natasha Campbell-mcbride
A New IBS Solution: Bacteria- The Missing Link In Treating IBS- Dr Mark Pimental
The Mind-Gut Connection- Dr Emeran Mayer
Gut- Giulia Enders

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