Nature’s miracles and our health

 “The usual US diet provides an insufficient amount of vitamins, supplementation is inexpensive and the scientific evidence shows that supplementing with certain vitamins prevents chronic disease, specifically cardiovascular disease, various types of cancer and osteoporosis” – JAMA  June 2002

Chronic Heart Disease, Diabetes, Cancer and Obesity are Pandemics in the World today. The unfortunate fact is that some of this is preventable. Of course there are many factors including genetics and environmental issues. However, optimal nutrition cannot be emphasised enough together with regular exercise and  stress management. It is  lamentable that there is still often a “band aid”  approach, rather than looking for the cause/s  and correcting those. This of course  pertains to various factors including  the traditional teaching in “Modern” Medicine and the organisation of health care systems globally as well as   a fair amount of ignorance and lack of  appreciation for not only the significance of nutrition but also other types of therapies (e.g. TCM, Ayurveda) –  which have often been around for thousands of years.  Further, preventative measures can be hastened due to economics, politics and other vested interests.

Just looking at a  couple of statistics is alarming enough.  Globally, there are over ONE BILLION overweight people.  In Australia there are 17 million  overweight or obese people- that’s over 77%!  –  It has overtaken smoking as the leading cause of death. And there are 346 million people worldwide with diabetes (WHO figures 9/2011) – and growing. 

Most illnesses that we see today are either due to a lack of  things we need and an excess of things we don’t need.

Nature contains many of the vitamins and minerals that are essential to our optimal health and disease prevention.  The Recommended Daily Intake for nutrients is only enough to prevent a disease- more than this amount is required for optimal health. For example, having the recommended intake of vitamin C will prevent scurvy – but much more is necessary for it to help prevent chronic disease.

An interesting quote…

“The Doctor of  the future will give no medicine, but will interest the patient in the care of the human frame, in diet and in the cause and prevention of disease”   

THOMAS A EDISON (1847 – 1931)