Here’s to 2013!

Christmas pic

The end of the year and the onset of a new one really gives a chance to reflect, renew and recharge for the upcoming year.  It’s a great insight to reflect upon the year gone by- and when we do, we realise that there was so much more to the year than we would have thought otherwise, especially as the days roll into weeks then months. So go back to the beginning and make at least mental if not  written notes on achievements, successes and anything else good that just happened during the year – and you’ll probably be amazed at yourself at how great the year actually was!

If on the other hand things haven’t been quite as you would like for whatever reason/s, it’s wise to reflect upon this, envisage what you would like for the year ahead and instigate changes for the New Year and beyond- added with a few drops of  faith in something larger than yourself. Whatever has happened, know that “this too shall pass”.  Without sorrow, we cannot appreciate joy.  And as Judi Dench’s character  says in “The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel”,  “EVERYTHING WILL BE ALRIGHT IN THE END. SO IF IT’S NOT ALRIGHT, IT IS NOT YET  THE END”.

In contemplation of the following year, this is a  nice little idea At the beginning of the year (2013- ikes!), have an empty jar and fill it up with little notes about all the good things that happen during the year. Alternatively, just make notes in a journal. Then on New Years Eve (end of 2013),  remind yourself what amazing  things  actually occurred during the year- simple but pretty cool for both big and little kids alike! (Oh come on, we’re all kids at heart!)

I’d like to end with this fab quote I came across recently:


Enjoy the festive season…be well, be positive, be amazing!

Here’s to a fantastic and even more awesome year ahead!

God Bless

Love from Sydney (THE place to be on New Years!!!)