Fatigue has become a very common symptom in adults but even more alarmingly, children.

Again, there are a multitude of factors and a functional approach helps to determine what they are and thus lead to paths for recovery – as there is no treatment or drug that conventional medicine can offer – besides medications for associated symptoms relating to mood, sleep and pain relief.

Common factors found in clinical practice include, but not limited to – thyroid /adrenal axis problems, stress, poor inflammatory diet, emotional factors, gut dysbiosis, CIRS (chronic inflammatory response syndrome), mould biotoxins and other environmental factors including electro-magnetic radiation. Genetic factors are important to consider as this could affect many biochemical reactions – but it is important not to lay blame on a single gene either. We are a complex tapestry of many genes (including significantly more genetic material from our resident bacteria than our own), interacting with our environment. It would therefore be prudent to take a wide-angled view of the situation.

There is much supporting evidence associating a history of previous emotional trauma and chronic fatigue. Often, it is these emotional factors that are the most difficult to deal with – there are no quick fixes, different modalities may need to be tried out and even an over-enthusiastic integrative approach using nutrition and herbal supplements may not be sufficient, although they can certainly be supportive and relevant.

By delving into the factors that may be causing you to feel fatigued, we are then in a position to address these – this can involve lifestyle factors like diet, exercise (the right type and amount), sleep hygiene and addressing emotional factors as well as using appropriate supplements and other therapeutic interventions.

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