Empowering you to take control – yes, YOU!


 “When you know better, you do better” – Maya Angelou

Hello! Am  pumped for our forthcoming workshop for women on 29th November, together with Personal Trainer of the Year, Nardia Norman.  It’s all about getting your health sorted, losing weight or just getting your mojo back!  WHY this topic?

Along with other practitioners, it is all too common to see complaints such as

– Being tired despite adequate sleep. Morning or afternoon slumps sound familiar?

– Tummy symptoms despite adherence to a good diet – or confusion about what to eat!

– Doing ALL the right things BUT still not losing weight!

– “Normal” blood results – depending on who’s looking at them!

– “Normal women symptoms like PMS, heavy and painful periods


It is such a shame that people end up suffering needlessly,  thinking or being made to think there is nothing wrong or that “it’s all in their head”. Often treatments such as anti-depressants, cholesterol medication, the contraceptive pill or thyroid medication may be started-  this may or may not give symptomatic relief- the point being however  that this is NOT   getting to the heart of what is REALLY going on. All too often, on looking back at patient’s  results, there may be thyroid issues but has been overlooked as only  one thyroid test has been done- and where, on further testing, a thyroid condition and  other co-existing issues are discovered!  It’s a real shame that people suffer for too long without answers and solutions to their problems-  but that is unfortunately how it sometimes  goes in conventional medicine- as great as it can be in certain areas such as acute medicine-  unfortunately there is limited thinking and strategies when it comes to many other chronic situations that are affecting people today. This doesn’t have to be so!


Let us empower you to take control of your health and life – click on the link below for further details  and join us for an empowering, inspiring and informative morning in beautiful Kirribilli! X