E-motion: “Lose what needs to be lost to find what needs to be found”

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“The Elimination Diet: Remove anger, regret, resentment, guilt, blame and worry. Then, watch your health and life improve.” – Charles Glassman

Thank you to Qi Yoga for screening the documentary movie, “E-motion”- a powerful reminder on the power and impact of emotions on our health. Indeed, the elephant in the room that we are often totally missing at the expense of our own – and others’ wellness. It casts a wonderful array of contributors including Neale Donald Walsh (“Conversations with God”) and Dr Joe Dispenza.

Although not a new concept at all, it has been somewhat dismissed or downsized, even in the health industry. So … this is to remind you of the power that you already hold within you and recognition of your self -healing capacity (don’t worry if you get a chuckle by others – even health professionals. Trust in yourself – and beyond). This may be considered rather “fluffy” or “woo woo” for some. But it is also too important to ignore at the expense of potential criticism and ridicule.

Essentially, the movie discusses the impact of our subconscious mind on our physical health, how the “molecules of emotion” (neuropeptides) can affect any part of the body and lead to manifestation of disease. It has nice graphics literally showing “anger”, “guilt” and other negative emotions circulating in the vessels like particles. These of course can circulate to any part of the body and cause havoc there.

Think of the mind as an iceberg- the conscious mind is just what we see at the top- but there is much more beneath the surface. A simple analogy is to see the subconscious mind like a video recorder – from the moment of existence- everything, absolutely everything is there in its memory- no escaping it. But if negative emotions and limiting beliefs are stored there from the past, this can manifest into the physical realm, whether we are aware of these incidents or not. The unconscious mind is after all trying to protect us from negative memories. When little things start going wrong, we can perceive this as symptoms, for which further professional advice may be sought. However, this is like a cry from within, a signal indicating that something isn’t quite right and needs to be fixed.

The sort of “fixing” required though isn’t as easy as taking a drug, going on a holiday or buying a better home or car. It is rather like dealing with successive layers of an onion or hitting at the muddy layers surrounding a perfect diamond. It calls for all aspects of life to be addressed from our nutrition and movement to absorbing the Sun’s energy and letting Mother Earth work its magic. Specific therapies include EFT (tapping, emotional freedom technique), energetic healing (including chakra’s), hypnosis, time line therapy, and somatic psychotherapy and last but certainly not least, meditation (yes, there it is again!) – to name but a few. These would be individual to the person’s needs and circumstances.

Appreciate the universal healing potential within you. Love yourself. Take responsibility for your own life and healing – together with the support of other souls along the journey. We are after all part of the whole…the same one song…The Uni – verse.

“E-motion will have a very positive impact on the evolution of human consciousness” – Dr Bruce Lipton (“Biology of Belief”)

Links/References: ABSOLUTELY LOTS but here’s just a few to get started! (and have a look at the Books section in main menu)

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