LEAKY GUT – Could this be hindering your path to optimal health?

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Know anyone who has any of these? Depression, Mood swings, Weight problems, Irritable Bowel Symptoms, Headaches, Chronic Fatigue, , Cognitive/ Learning and Behavioural issues, Period problems, Skin problems, Allergies, Food intolerances, Poor immunity/Recurrent Infections, Arthritis, Autoimmune disease (including thyroid, ulcerative colitis and type 1 diabetes) … These are just some of the conditions where there […]


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“What?!!!!” The following article was published recently  in FITNESS FIRST magazine (current Sept/Oct edition) – I wanted to bring this topic  to your awareness here too. Have a quick  read, it might be somewhat enlightening… WHAT ARE PHTHALATES? Phthalates (pronounced “Thal- Ates”) are chemicals that have been used since the 1920’s  to make a  variety of different products. […]

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Flat tums? Well, now that we have your attention!… Today’s chat is about Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and a group of foods called the FODMAPs that – when reduced or eliminated- have been proven to help with symptoms such as bloating. IBS is a condition that affects around 15% of the population and the usual […]

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7 foods/drinks to boost your metabolism

Hmm, now well into the New Year –  how are the those NY Resolutions going?!  Great? –  well,  if not, remember every day is a fresh new opportunity to make yourself proud! Here is  just a short  list of 7  foods/ beverages  that can  help boost the metabolism  –  every little bit helps!   Think of them merely as aids […]

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Gut health- Look after your gut bugs!

“All disease begins in the gut” – Hippocrates (460-370 BC) It’s quite amazing that Hippocrates stated this all those years ago. How did it get forgotten for so long?!  Sometimes the significance of gut health and the bacteria can be overlooked when it could otherwise reduce or even completely treat various  symptoms and illnesses.  There needs to be a […]

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Ten Fab Foods for your Face – Part 2

Ten more fab nutrient packed foods that work well for the skin -as well as general health.  As you will see, there is a pattern of common nutrients needed for good skin – but each and every different food type has its own unique properties that would benefit other aspects of health too, hence the importance of variety in the diet. […]

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Ten Fab Foods for your Face – Part 1

What we put IN our face is just as important- if not more- than what we put ON our face! There are certain nutrients that are critical for great skin and indeed some of these are utilised in skin care products. e.g vitamin C (that little wonder again!). Once again, a balanced lifestyle that includes […]

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Back to our Roots!

The global epidemics of obesity , heart disease, diabetes and cancer  together with the increase in so many other illnesses such as autoimmune disease and mental illness is of great concern not just for us but for  several  generations ahead. Let’s just go back a bit and ask-  what ‘s going on and why all […]

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Nature’s miracles- Vitamin C

Individual nutrients deserve discussion in their own right and will be addressed in due course. Today, a few words about Vitamin C… Vitamin C  is one of the most powerful and widespread ANTIOXIDANT  in our body. It mops up free radicals (bad) that are produced (from any type of stress, poor diet, environmental toxins etc) and […]

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